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    Friday, August 12, 2016   /   by Jessica Humbert

    New Blog Post

    what is your closet telling buyers.jpg

    When preparing to sell your home it’s common knowledge to spruce up your curb appeal and make sure your potential buyers walk into a welcoming and problem-free environment. These general items on your checklist help ensure a positive first impression to entice offers, but what other pivotal impressions are you overlooking?

    Chances are, while tidying up you may have taken a few shortcuts by tucking extra items away in closets to get them out of the open. Take a step back. Does your closet have an uncanny resemblance to Narnia?

    Never forget the value of ample & organized closets (and storage).

    What is your closet telling potential buyers?

    1.)   This home is way too small. If they can’t fit their stuff how will we? Whether you have a standard closet or a walk-in who can deny constantly wishing for more closet space. If your closet is jam-packed with everything from your parka to your sun hat collection it’s time to consider a storage unit. Edit your closet down to around two weeks worth of clothing and your closet will appear to have ample space. Don’t leave it up to buyers to understand your small hoarding problem.

    2.)  We can probably get the house cheap. Their relationship is on the rocks. Regardless of the reasoning behind your significant other keeping their clothes in the guest room (i.e. obnoxious snoring, odd work hours, etc.) buyers are going to see a relationship on the rocks. Simply including both men & women’s clothing in your closet will have an impact on how buyers perceive your willingness to settle for a lower offer.

    3.)  I bet we really can get the house cheap. It looks like they’re in a hurry. In the process of tidying your home it’s a give-in that you’ve packed a good amount of your items away, but where did you put all those cardboard boxes? The easiest way to let buyers know you’re in a rush is to litter closets with packed boxes and tangled Christmas lights. Put loose items attractive baskets, boxes or bins to instantly look put together.

    Check out this closet transformation and decide for yourself:

    closet_Before.jpg  closet_after.jpg

    Extra Tips & Tricks

    • ·      Use retail stores for reference. Neatly fold clothing and space hangers evenly
    • ·      Always use the same kind of hangers throughout (plastic or slim velvet – NO wire!)
    • ·      Arrange clothes by color families, or only keep neutrals on display
    • ·      Never keep packed boxes in the house.

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